TRUKT – coming soon!

TRUKT is a next generation transportation management software for the logistics industry that will connect shippers with carriers, help efficiently find, manage and book loads. While reducing manual processes through automation and leverage the latest technology to increase shipper visibility & reduce costs for carriers.

Software Platform for Logistics

We are building a suite of software solutions to help you run a trucking business with minimal paperwork, smart workflows, integrations, to maximize efficiency.

API Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with software to run and grow your business, including sophisticated accounting, eBOLs, importing loads and communicating with shippers

Smart Load Matching

Eliminate the need for phone calls, back and forth emails – sophisticated dispatching software to suggest loads, view pricing, instantly book and review offers.

Minimize Paperwork

Intuitive and modern design to view transactions, automate actions and get detailed reporting. Get driver visibility to reduce unnecessary check calls.

Ready to join our beta?

We’re working hard on our official product, but we’d love to have your feedback on our beta product, launching soon! Use the form to subscribe for updates!